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While I love the pictures, there is nothing like hearing the sounds and seeing the motion of the people in our lives.

Chloe's Recital
Chapel of Presidents, National Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC
Chloe's Keeping Off the Fat Chloe may have a future in making exercise videos for those people with a few extra pounds (like her god-father!)
Chloe the movie maker Excited about her 7th birthday party and sleep over, Chloe stands on her head!
Chloe and Friends As she turns 7, Chloe and friends are starting their movie careers.  This movie is half a CDROM and will take about 30-60 seconds to start.
Face Painting Chloe's 4th Birthday Party
Jun '05 Summer Camp
Chloe's first pony ride
Something all girls love, their ponies!  Chloe did well on her pony, we missed seeing her face after the ride because her brother had to stick his butt in the way.
Jun '05 Summer Camp While this isn't much, merely Chloe walking around the pool, this is her first movie doing this.  Later in life you just know it's going to be a hit.  Chloe is the one with a towel bigger than she is, near the end of the line.
Oct '04 Brushing her teeth  A month before her 3rd birthday, you can tell this is the daughter of a dentist's family.
 For Max
For Her Daddy
You can hear them here, the first two performances of her incredible Unplugged tour!
July 4th '03 at the Nam House July 4th, 2003 at the Nam house
Chloe on May 19, 2003 This is a trial with a new camera and playing with the software.  Just a normal day in the life of Chloe's family.
Chloe's first meal & bath This shows her first meal, a bath, and the naturally stylish way she wears her clothes.
Chloe being born This movie is about five minutes long.  It shows Chloe being born, her first cry, the doctor's announcing the baby is a girl, her amazing head of hair.  (the beginning isn't for the squeamish)
  These pictures are compressed to speed display, if you want a high quality version for printing, send me email.

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